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new tatal trading

Our Brands

Recognized leaders in quality service and product enhancement

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New talal trading

Our Brands

Hayathi has become a name that iss synonymous with quality and reliabilty, with products ranging across rice range, flour, lentils, nuts, vinegar, spices, powders, mixes, pickles and sauces breakfast powders, whole seeds and ready to cook products, hayathi is everyone’s favoutite household partners and taste maker 

The essence, aroma and taste of each grain of Al Manar Basmati Rice can be ascribed to the special soil and climatic conditions of the misty Himalayas. To bring to you consistent and excellent taste, experienced professionals oversee the cultivation, ensure consistent seed quality and apply various protection techniques to the crop. On cooking, each grain of Al Manar Basmati Rice elongates to three times of its uncooked size and tends to separate, adding a royal touch to every meal.

What Make Us Unique?
Food Gate makes flavors for leading spices and cereals. we recommend the use of our flavors to boost existing aroma or introduce intense, lasting, and unique flavor to your fine dishes. With over 10 years expertise in the industry, we are ready to assist with your next requirement. If you have a taste which you want to achieve, choose from our library of hundreds of flavors – including spices, cereals etc. We also have beverage flavors which would redefine your search for fine liquid refreshment. We supply products in a wide range of formats from Food service to Retail and also carry a wide range of packaging options for the many different needs of customers. We are committed to providing pure organic seasonings & food products that are completely free from artificial preservatives, chemicals, and additives- what so ever. With a variety of high-quality flavors and byproducts, Food Gate is committed to enrich your kitchen recipes.

Wadi Nargis Basmati Rice, synonymous with unparallelly quality, is carefully selected from the fertile fields of Punjab. Wadi Nargis Basmati Rice is truly the scented pearls from the terrains of India.

Our products are the result of attention to detail, consistency in milling, and our desire to ensure that each one of our consumers has the very best baking experience possible. All Delmon products are made to the highest standards of the industry. The key to Delmon success has been the unswervingly reliable quality of the flour that is delivered into the market, and the strong image of the Delmon brand that has come to represent this level of high quality

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